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Changes to Portland

Reforming Victoria’s Fire Services

Fire Services Reform will create the modern governance and management structures to ensure our fire services have everything they need to keep Victorians safe.

Quick Facts about Portland

10,744 residents

4,225 households

756 businesses

10,101 registered motor vehicles

The Need for Change

As the population of Portland expands and its environment changes, the nature of emergencies requiring fire services response has changed. A range of increasing demands has impacted CFA, which must be supported to maintain its knowledge and experience.

Portland CFA has been protecting the local community since 1937, responding to 168 calls in 2015-16. Just as Portland evolves, so too must its fire services.

Better Fire Services for Portland

The Victorian Government will bring together CFA career firefighters and MFB in a new organisation, Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), to operate in major regional cities and Melbourne. CFA will be restored to a volunteer firefighting organisation, with a $56.2 million CFA Support Fund to strengthen volunteer recruitment, increase training options, expand brigade support and develop brigade leadership. CFA, FRV and other emergency services will continue to work together to provide vital service to the community.

What does this mean for firefighters in Portland?

  • Volunteers will be encouraged and supported to remain in Portland. We will work with volunteers to provide tailored support and to identify the best solution for each volunteer and for Porltand.
  • Improved training capacity at the local level
  • Expanded brigade and administrative support
  • Better workplace health and safety
  • Leadership development programs for emerging leaders
  • More connected brigades with an investment in communications technology

What’s next?

  • Information and engagement sessions with volunteer firefighters
  • Engage firefighter and support staff representative bodies on details of reforms
  • Develop a modern legislative framework for Victoria’s fire services
  • Operational implementation overseen by the Fire Services Operational Implementation Committee
  • No changes to the methods for calculating the Fire Services Property Levy during implementation

Last updated: June 7, 2017

How can I find out more?

The reforms set out in the Fire Services Statement are the most extensive since the 1950s and will provide an opportunity for engagement with firefighters and brigades across Victoria.

Information and engagement sessions have been taking place throughout Victoria since 19 May 2017, including at CFA district level as well as with volunteers and staff at the 35 integrated stations.

Firefighter and support staff representative bodies will have the opportunity to engage on the transition. Operational implementation will continue to be overseen by the Fire Services Operational Implementation Committee led by Mr Greg Mullins AFSM, former Commissioner Fire and Rescue NSW.

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