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Supporting CFA volunteers is essential for the future safety of Victoria.

Supporting CFA volunteers is essential to the future safety of Victoria.

A range of increasing demands has impacted CFA. The needs of volunteers in terms of training, brigade support and equipment have been raised by a number of reviews. To date, actions to address these issues have been insufficient.

CFA must be supported to maintain its knowledge and experience and to attract new volunteers to reflect Victoria’s changing community.

To address these issues, CFA will be restored to a volunteer and community focused firefighting organisation, further enshrined in law.

Additionally, CFA’s 1,220 volunteer brigades will be provided with extra support and resources so they can continue to make their vital contribution to Victoria’s emergency management.

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Last updated: May 18, 2017

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The reforms set out in the Fire Services Statement are the most extensive since the 1950s and will provide an opportunity for engagement with firefighters and brigades across Victoria.

Information and engagement sessions have been taking place throughout Victoria since 19 May 2017, including at CFA district level as well as with volunteers and staff at the 35 integrated stations.

Firefighter and support staff representative bodies will have the opportunity to engage on the transition. Operational implementation will continue to be overseen by the Fire Services Operational Implementation Committee led by Mr Greg Mullins AFSM, former Commissioner Fire and Rescue NSW.

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