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Next steps

Through the Fire Services Statement, Victoria’s fire services will begin a new chapter. These reforms are the most extensive since the 1950s and will require significant engagement with firefighters and brigades across Victoria.

Information and engagement sessions will take place over coming weeks and months, including at CFA district level, as well as with volunteers and staff at the 35 integrated stations. Local planning for transition will also begin to take place.

Firefighter and support staff representative bodies will be engaged on details of the reforms, including on the CFA Support Fund and the first responder health program.

Operational implementation of these changes will be overseen by the Fire Services Operational Implementation Committee. This Committee will be chaired by Mr Greg Mullins AFSM, former Commissioner Fire and Rescue NSW, it will include representatives from EMV, and fire and emergency services. This Committee will ensure that fire and rescue services for all Victorian communities will continue as normal while this reform is rolled out.

Consistent with the recommendations of the Fire Services Review, the Government intends to develop a modern legislative framework for Victoria’s fire services.

The first stage will see legislation to establish Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), further enshrine CFA as a volunteer organisation, establish the independent Fire District Review Panel, and establish presumptive rights to cancer compensation.

After this first stage of legislative reform, further work will be undertaken to modernise our fire services legislation.

The reforms outlined in the Fire Services Statement will take a number of years to fully implement. Any costs associated with implementing the reforms will not be met through the Fire Services Property Levy. In addition, the amount collected through the Fire Services Property Levy in the next two years will not exceed the amount collected in 2016/17. Once the new fire services have been implemented, the Government will consider how to streamline and align the Fire Services Property Levy to these new arrangements.


Last updated: May 18, 2017

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